Some changes to this blog.

Hello all!

I know it’s only been like a few months since I started this blog, but I decided to change it up a bit. From now on, I will not post every single Wednesday. Instead, I will post like everybody else and only write about stuff when I find the need to share, in order to keep the posts written freely, instead of being forced, by myself, to write as much as I can before a deadline.
My hope for this change is to make my writings more original and to bring more people to this blog. This blog is meant to be read and enjoyed, and feel free to re-post or tweet anything you find on here. Input will help a lot. Thanks, readers.
I hope you will like the changes and come back to this blog more often, as that will be cool to see views in my stats. Enjoy.
-Josh G.


School Life.

Up until a few months ago, I was homeschooled. I have been homeschooled my entire life,  but near the end of the 2nd semester of the school year I was sent to a private school.  My experience with it has been pretty good so far, and it’s (obviously) a lot different from
homeschooling. The school I go to now is a really good, solid school, and it’s a great opportunity for me and my pursuit of knowledge. There aren’t very many other students in my classes, so that makes it easier to ask questions to the teachers and go through the steps one-on-one, which is good, especially for the new kids. To be honest, it’s basically what I expected a school would be, so that’s a major plus.  My favorite class so far is definitely History, because it’s unique and fun.

The worst part is waking up so early, but I’m starting to get used to it. The bus ride is pretty long, but it’s a good for napping and studying. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed life at a school, and I get to talk to people everyday who aren’t my siblings. I got some great classes and I like the education I’m getting out of it. If I return next year to the same school I would have to apply for a job nearby the school probably, but I don’t know where I’ll be in a year — it’s impossible to tell.

In summary, it’s a good school and I’m getting the most out of it. No complaints.

-Josh G.

3-D Printed Body Parts.

Now this is a really cool project. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about how 3-D printers are going to be the future, and how everything (or almost everything) will be printed soon. This just shows that people are trying to put 3-D printing into a lot of different constructive categories. Here’s the full article:

The article is mainly about an artificial ear that was printed, and I think it’s really interesting. 3-D printers are amazing things, and I enjoy using/watching/reading about them.

-Josh G.

Why you should learn an instrument.


In History class we had to give a 10-15 minute long speech in honor Ancient Athens and all of it’s orators there (because that’s what our main focus of study was on at that time). I decided to make mine on “Why you should learn an instrument”, and I ended up getting 79/80 points on it, so I guess I did okay. Today I will show you some of the things I said in my speech.

Firstly, music has been a crucial part of history!

Back then in Ancient times, music and poetry were used for story-telling and to share history, and also as an act of worship. King David, in the Bible, played his harp to worship, and to ‘soothe’ King Solomon, and that’s just one example. Since then, and long before, music has been very useful, and play big roles in many lives.

Music is a universal language.

Much like sign language, music can be used/understood basically anywhere. Although different cultures may interpret them differently, it is nonetheless understood, as I stated before. If you play a song in one place, and then play it in another, people might see them in a way that others might not, but then again it depends on culture. If you noticed, some instruments are played in many different countries, while others are more rare, but they’re played. This is something that makes it very unique.

Learning an instrument helps with:

1) Perseverance.

When learning instruments, setting goals is very important, and trying to establish a form of guide to meet that goal is something that should be practiced, because that skill can be used anywhere.

2) Mathematical computing ability.

If you look at sheet music, you will notice (whether you can read them or not) that there are a lot of different symbols on it, and it may seem impossible to decipher. Learning how to read sheet music can be tricky, but it really helps with counting and knowing what’s what and where/how to play notes, and when. This skill really transfers over, because you need that sharp mind to be able to read music quickly. It’s a very good exercise, and it will benefit you in the music category, as well as the math aspect.

3) Clearing your head & just playing.

This is a great one. Music is very soothing, and in most cases very calm, and it helps to clear your mind when under stress, and playing diverts your attention from the current situation and helps you to keep your mind elsewhere. I’m not saying it’s something bad, like some alternate reality you can step into so you can avoid responsibility, but it’s something to help with relieving anger/emotions. This is especially true with drums.

Great hobby or career.

Learning instruments can be great for some hobby you do in your spare time, or a great job opportunity. As for getting a job in music, there are so many different fields you can work in.

Unique and encourages creativity!

This is a big one. There’s nothing like music, and that makes it very unique/different from everything else. It helps you to bring out the creative self in you, whether you’re learning songs from your favorite band, or just writing something yourself. Creativity is one of the main skills you need for writing music, because it’s all about creating, and learning from other people’s creations. As for writing songs, you don’t need to have lyrics to it; instrumental ones are also very great.

Helps memorization skills.

If you play certain songs over and over again from reading sheet music or tabs, you may notice that you’re playing parts of the song (or the whole song) just from memory, without even taking the time to study it. This is something I really like. Even if you are trying to memorize pieces, it’s good practice for learning how to memorize, and how to get you into that mindset where you can memorize easily. Another skill that can very well transfer to help you in other areas of your life.

Fulfilling when playing:

1) By yourself.

Taking up your instrument, setting a goal, and meeting that goal is just amazing. When you have something you want to do, and in this case it’s learning music, it’s great to take it in to your room by yourself and just practice. It’s a fun, peaceful experience.

2) With others.

This is something that helps with teamwork. When you are in a band, and you’re but one part of this huge assembly (depending on the band), it’s your job to do your part well, so that, along with everyone else, the song can sound correct. If one musician struggles, then a large portion of the song is not what it’s meant to be. But when all work in unison, it’s very fulfilling. Take it from me, I’m currently in 3 different bands.

3) In front of/for others.

Not only can you and your band enjoy the music you’re producing, but others can as well. Concerts are all around us, and they’re fun to go to.

Music is: Educational, enjoyable, and entertaining.

The Three E’s” of music. Simple, truthful, and relevant for anyone, which brings me to my next point.

You can learn one at any age!

Well, obviously not any age, but there’s a very large range of ages for learning instruments. I’ve seen young kids play music, as well as older people, so there’s really no age-restriction when it comes to music. Another thing I’ve noticed is that some instruments mainly depend on one’s age, while some, like the piano, are played by all ages. Ones like the guitar are also very versatile when it comes to ages, so don’t be discouraged if you think you may be the wrong age to learn one. This also brings me to my next point.

So many different instruments to choose from!

Now, I can easily fill out a large portion of this blog just naming all of the different types of instruments and how they’re used, but I wont. Instead, I’ll just briefly name some categories many instruments fall into: wind, string, percussion, electric, acoustic, and many more. Some fall into more than one division, but those are some of the main types. In short, there are many types, but many can work together for one cause.

So, what’s the point of all this?

In summary, I believe that learning an instrument is very useful, and everybody should at least consider learning one. Not only can it make you a better musician, but it helps in so many different areas, so that makes it a good hobby as well. This is a great way to spend your time, even if you only choose to play for 10 minutes a day. But music has always been a part of the world, and I believe it should stay that way, and it should be taught/encouraged more everywhere!

-Josh G.

Spider Sense suit – Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

This project is just amazing. I came across it while peering around the net for some cool current events for my school, and this one really stood out. It is a suit that — basically — gives you Spider Sense! Just the thought of the scientific advancement the world is seeing with just a suit inspired by a comic book blows me away. I believe, and it’s also mentioned in the article, that this will be particularly useful for cyclists, as well as visually impaired/blind people, or for anyone who wants it! After testing the accuracy of this device, the results came back  95% positive, which is literally amazing. But why listen to me when you can just read the entire article yourself:

I’m looking forward to this suit come out sometime, somehow, as well as all of the other things that will be inspired by this. I myself am a huge fan of geeky gadgets and the such, and if I can possibly get my hands on one of these for myself in my lifetime, that would be pretty awesome. But for now, I just got to wait and keep my eye out.

-Josh G.

What I decided to keep myself busy on lately.

Like any teenaged guy, I’ve spent my share of wasted time playing video games. I’ve been playing the popular game, Minecraft, a lot lately, but a few months ago I decided that I wanted to do something remotely productive with my free time. For over 6-months, (not exact on when this project officially started) I’ve been working on a little book. It’s a Zombie Apocalypse book, set in a Medieval time period in another world, and it’s (of course) Fantasy Fiction. I’ve gotten pretty far in it, over 100 pages are well past their second-third draft, and I want to finish and have it completely mastered by sometime in the next next year or so. But time will tell, so it may be shorter, or it may be longer.

Why would you spend all of your time on a lame book?

You may ask this question, and I’m going to answer it ahead of time, right here. I want to make this book and put it online somewhere, as an eBook. I might print a few copies for me, my family, and a few close friends who have helped beta-test this book. I want to spend as much as my free time as I can on this book, and I really want to see it done and have it physically in my hands. Maybe when I’m 18 I’ll put it on Kickstarter, and have more copies out there, as well as potential fans in my work. The possibilities with how this book will get around are endless. Not only can I maybe make a couple dollars from this book, I really enjoy writing it and creating the storyline/plot. It’s a good, fun process which takes a while of course, but in the end I will (most likely) look at it and say, “This was worth all my time.”
Or maybe I’ll look at it and quickly delete it and never think of it again, but I’m hoping that this will never happen. I’m not the best writer, but I love literature and all that jazz. I’m no “Grammar Nazi”, but I love grammar and how it works. Earlier this week, my English teacher referred to grammar as “A giant puzzle, with many pieces to it.”

My favorite authors and their affect on my writing.

Some of the people who I owe my inspiration to are as follows.

1) Brian Jacques.

Mr Jacques’ works and writings are one of the reasons why I started writing. Although his books are mainly aimed for the younger reader, and some teens/adults may find them childish, the main moral/point of his books (preferably the Redwall series) is that anyone can be a warrior. It’s a simple philosophy, and I believe it to be true. According to Mr Jacques, (paraphrasing of course) he said that warriors can be any shape and size, and there’s just one thing you have to know to be a warrior, and that is to look out for those smaller/weaker than yourself, and to stand for justice/truth. All of the Redwall books aim around the warrior standing up for what’s right, and the struggle of forces, and then the eventual triumph of good over evil. This aspect is one of the main reasons why I love the books so much, and I want my book(s) to have that same that same message.

Also, his books are so, well, just awesome. What I mean by that is, with all of his poems and descriptive elements, as well as his sharp, cunning writing style, the way his books are written are just incomparable, in my mind. The way the books are written, and it’s breath-taking storyline, mixed with it’s hint of mystery and bewilderment, was one of the reasons why I took up writing, and it has played a major part in my love for reading books. Without Mr Jacques, I (most likely) would not even like books as much as I do now, and I would be a lot less creative in life. Sadly, Brian Jacques passed away in February a couple years back, and I never got the chance to meet him in person. If I did meet him, and I told him how his writings have helped me throughout my (small) career, I’m sure he would’ve been encouraging, and would offer some tips. Although I can never have that chance to talk to him in person, I feel that I should write on, and remember that I want to inspire people just like he inspired me. That’s what I’m hoping to do, at least. If I finish my book and send it out into the world, but no one reads it, that won’t matter to me. I did what I loved to do, and I finished the task I set out, and that’s victory to me.

2) J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord Of The Rings)

As a reader, I love the Lord Of The Rings books. The way the author wrote, and the book style, was just amazing. One thing that I want toward my book that Tolkien had was his perseverance. He wrote the books, and then he went back and re-wrote, and re-wrote and re-wrote until he died. This was just stunning to me, and I want to be like that. The books are just classics, and I hope they will be remembered for years and years longer. I know Mr Tolkien wrote more than just the LOTR books, and I have yet to read them, but from my current experience with his work itself puts him up in one of my favorite authors. Currently I’m reading a Biography on him for my High School English class, and I find his life very interesting. Near the end of his life, he still wrote, and it seemed to me that he enjoyed his life. I love the LOTR books, and I hope to write something even a millionth as good as his books. That would make my day.

Mr Jacques was my favorite, and Tolkien is great, but I do have other authors I like, and they will just be mentioned below.

Josh Dies, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and a couple others.

What I hope to accomplish with my writing.

I hope to keep writing, all through my remaining childhood, as well as my adulthood. I’m still debating on whether or not I would like to pursue a form of writing as a career in the future, but even if it’s not my main job it will still be in my life somehow. After this book is finished, I might make another along the series, or just start something fresh. I want to always have something to write, and I want that to be my main goal. This book I’m writing, following a man who lost his memory and a growing rebellion stirring in the country of Aylerim, is a pretty epic tale, with very interesting elements along the Fantasy line. Later on, I added the Yrung, a race that is a form of a tailless lizard that melts when killed. In the book, the Antagonist is Vvond, the bandit ruler living under the country’s main city. There are the Yunj, the gigantic flies which infect people and turn them to zombies. Those are the main carriers of the disease. Also, the Yunj listen to Vvond, the main bad guy, so it makes the story a lot more compelling. If this book ever makes it in the world, I don’t know, but I do know that I will enjoy every moment of writing this book. Also, I hope to inspire people, as Brian Jacques did.

-Josh G.

What I will be doing on my new blog.

Hello all,

Today, February 23rd, 2013, I decided to make a blog site, and wordpress looked like it would be the best fit for me. I wanted to make a blog for some time now, and I thought that I should do it. Who am I? Some teen from PA, but you might find that some things I post are interesting, or you may not. It all depends.

What kind of things will I be posting on this blog?

Good question. I’ve been thinking, and I think I found the best thing to do. I will try to post things once a week. Every Wednesday, to be exact. I will start posting Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, and I have a plan. As my first official post, I will write something about my everyday life: What I’m thinking, something that stands out, something I feel like talking about, etc,.
On the next Wednesday, I will post a link to an interesting article online (or something similar), and I will give you all my insights on that topic. Whether it be a new invention worth mentioning, a current event, or just some whacky story, if I think it’s blog-worthy, I will post it. That’s all. I will repeat that process: One week writing something about me, and then the next writing about an article. Me, article, repeat. Every Wednesday. All for you people.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to check this site out every once in a while.


-Josh G.